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About Me

Alina Burke is an NYC-based queer playwright, actor, singer, and director who plays with the ties between mystic power and the reality of human emotion. 

She recently wrote and performed in an audio drama called Droplet, produced by Domino Sound. She has produced two plays at the Tucson Fringe Festival, Black Trashbag Magic and What, Will You?, a queer adaptation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. She was also a fellow for the Bay Area Playwright’s Festival in the Summer of 2019. Some of her favorite credits include directing The Importance of Being Earnest, playing Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd, and playing Little Red in Into the Woods. 

She is earning her MFA in Contemporary Theatre and Performance at The New School and has a BA from Amherst College. 

In her storytelling, Alina seeks to connect the inexplicable magic of queer love stories, of healing through performance, of raw human emotion, to possibilities beyond an earthly scale. She wants her audience to know that what they are going through -- whether it is discovering their sexuality or struggling with mental illness -- matters.

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