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Produced work

Black Marble

Artwork by Carly Vorndran

Black Trashbag Magic

Black Trashbag Magic is a coming-of-age story based on my own adolescence. It comes from a place of looking back on the experiences I had before I became the fully-formed queer woman I am now, and reinterpretting those events with an analytical lens. I especially wanted to explore how trauma affects the way we remember and view past experiences-- even ones not directly related to the trauma.

Tucson Fringe Festival 2019

Directed by Alina Burke

Cast:  Kyleigh Sacco, Christine Arbor, and Danny Fap

Photos by Carrie Anne Armes


Artwork by Carly Vorndran

What, Will You?

What, Will You? is a super gay adaptation of Twelfth Night set on a college campus. The idea of a modern queer version of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night came to me when I read it for the first time after coming out. I couldn’t get over how good Viola is at wooing Olivia-- how of all the characters in the play, they by far have the most chemistry. As an identical twin, I also wanted to add some of the issues my sister and I faced while being separated from each other for the first time during undergrad. It’s surprisingly difficult to go your entire life being one of a set and then suddenly be in a place where no one knows you're a twin. It’s somehow both liberating and lonely at the same time. My goal for What, Will You?, was to make it an accurate flip on the traditional story while introducing these new concepts.

Tucson Fringe Festival 2020

Directed by Alina Burke

Cast:  Katie Burke, Kyleigh Sacco, Zachary Nicholson, Abigail Dunscomb, Neruda Hogrelius, Alina Burke, and Will Jacobs

Photos by Abby Gore


Droplet is an audiodrama produced by Domino Sound and conceptualized by Alina Burke, Shonari James, Lars Montanaro, Moira Zhang, and Augustin Groz. It was written by Alina Burke and Shonari James and performed with live foli by all of the above.

other work

Eternity & Infinity

When the pandemic left me with some extra time on my hands, I started to do extensive research in order to write a play based on Emily Dickinson’s romantic relationship with her sister-in-law/likely-lover, Susan Gilbert Dickinson. I devoured their letters, which are so amorous, so theatrical, that they did not require any added dramatization. My resulting play, Eternity and Infinity, uses real letters and poems that Emily sent to Susan and fleshes out the events that defined their relationship. 

Eternity and Infinity alternates between depicting young Emily and Susan meeting, falling in love, and being torn apart by Susan’s betrothal to Emily’s brother, Austin, and depicting an older Susan, struggling to preserve Emily’s legacy after her death. The main narrative of their younger days is riddled with flashes of what is to come -- an affair, a publication scandal, and many lovelorn letters sent across a hedge. Emily and Susan are caught between their desire for each other and the fact that Emily, being a woman of means, can dream about a life without marriage, while Susan cannot. When Susan does marry, she and Emily struggle with whether to continue their relationship.

The play explores 19th century sexism, classism, and homophobia through a modern lens. My intent is to expose many untold truths about this renowned poet and provide audiences with a new perspective on queerness throughout history. One only has to dig a little deeper to find the queer love stories that the heterosexual norm has tried to cover up for centuries. 


Ratgirl is a modern fairy tale about a rat who survives by collecting what she needs from trash. The world around her is dying and the rulers of that world don't want her to live even her meager existence. How can she break through the structures that oppress her while struggling just to survive?


Ameliorated uses the mystery of what happened to Amelia Earhart  to explore the lengths humans will go to in order to find answers to unanswerable questions.

It is about Laila, a woman who is obsessed with the disappearance of Amelia Earhart as a coping mechanism for a disappearance that happened in her own life.


The world of Ameliorated switches between Laila’s real world, Amelia Earhart in the sky on her final flight, and Amelia Earhart within Laila’s imagination. Laila’s connection to Amelia in all of these worlds exemplifies a wider human desire to know everything and the play grapples with how to live when there are no explanations.

The Antiheroines

Richard, an English professor who consistently marries his students, is visited by the ghosts of the most hated female characters in literature.

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